Frequently Asked Questions
See below for our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are under a contract agreement with Mega Energy, your energy supply rate will remain the same for the term of the contract. If you are under a variable rate plan, the rate can change at any time.

Mega Energy is an electric and natural gas supplier for residential and business customers in states which allow you to purchase the electricity or gas you use from someone other than your distribution utility. As a Mega customer, you can choose from a variety of plans from short-term to long-term guaranteed pricing. You buy your electricity and/or natural gas from Mega Energy but your utility is still responsible for delivering the energy to you safely. For more information on what plans are available in your area, enter your zip code to review available plan options.

You can do either of the following:

1) complete our simple online enrollment process after entering your Zip Code; OR

2) call 1-855-810-6342 to enroll over the phone. Our customer service team is here to help Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm Central time.

You'll need the utility bill handy for the electric or gas meters you wish to enroll. We will ask you for the person(s) listed on the account as well as for certain other account information (like an account number or specific meter ID) that appears on your bill.

Signing up for Mega Energy is limited solely to the authorized decision maker on the utility account being enrolled.

Mega Energy does not charge an enrollment fee. You may wish to contact your utility to see if the utility charges an enrollment fee. In most cases, there is no applicable switch fee.

When you enroll with Mega Energy, we notify the utility of your decision to change your energy provider to Mega. Because we have satisfied all state requirements and certifications to become an approved electric or gas supplier in the markets served, your utility works with Mega to seamlessly transition supply responsibility.

Before Mega Energy service can begin, you must pay your security deposit (if required) or send us documentation showing that your deposit can be waived. If a security deposit is required, Mega Energy must receive the deposit payment prior to the requested service date in order to turn on the electricity. The seamless transition to Mega Energy will then take effect at your next meter read.

No. Because Mega Energy works directly with your utility company to ensure a seamless transition of service, a switch does not cause a disconnection of service. A disconnection can occur, however, if you do not stay current with bill payment obligations

Always contact your utility in these instances because they own the distribution network (wires or pipes) and are responsible for ensuring that your electric or gas supply is delivered safely and securely to your home or business.

Connecticut Light & Power
United Illuminating Company

Commonwealth Edison

Central Maine Power
Versant Maine

National Grid

New Hampshire
Public Service of New Hampshire

Duke Energy of Ohio
FirstEnergy (Ohio Edison, Toledo Edison, Illuminating Company)



About a month before your contract is set to expire, you will receive a notice from Mega Energy either by mail or email. The notice will contain all the details of when your plan is set to expire and the price details related to a continuation of service with us.

If you are on one of our fixed rate plans, you’ll get direction on how to sign up for a new plan with your expiration notice. You can always call our customer service agents at 855-810-6342 with any questions about available renewal options and promotions. We love our customers and will work hard to retain your business and trust!

When you Sign Up with Mega Energy, we supply the electricity or natural gas at the rate on your selected plan to your local Electric Distribution Utility (EDU), Electric Distribution Company (EDC), or Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU). The function of those utilities is now just to deliver the electricity or natural gas for the supplier (Mega Energy) on their distribution networks (wires and pipes).

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